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Oil and Water

Our research focuses on the development of skin-adherent wearable bioelectronics and disposable sensors that could achieve point-of-care, continuous data acquisition, and real-time analysis of key physical, chemical, and biological markers. These “mobile” data from our on-body and disposable sensors are expected to generate key health parameters of “clinical-quality” to safeguard and sustain human health conditions at remote setting. To do so, we devise engineering approaches with emphasis on the followings.













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Biomarkers detection

Leveraging the state-of-the-art sensing platforms in the literatures, we address fundamental challenges limiting accurate acquisition of analyte-specific signals of key biomarkers. We devise sensing and signal amplification strategies with suitable transduction readouts (electrochemical, electrical, and colorimetric) for integration into POCT and wearables. 

Wearable bioelectronics for remote health monitoring

We develop physical and chemical sensing devices which are lightweight and skin-adherent with minimal interference to daily activities. These bioelectronics enable concurrent detection of a variety of parameters (example. motion, heart activity, and small molecules). We then implement our devices onto human subjects for acquisition of diverse health information which is expected to enable routine health monitoring and early diagnosis of top health concerns.  

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