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   Featured as part of Emerging Investigators Themed Collection.

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   Highlighted in BioTechScope, Science of Parkinson’s.
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   Featured on Journal Frontispiece.
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   Highlighted in World Economic Forum, The Medical News, The Pioneer, Science Daily, UC Berkeley News, etc.
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   Selected as ACS Editors’ Choice (one paper per day from all ACS publications).
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   Selected as Rising Stars in Sensing by ACS Publications.
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   Highlighted in NBC News, Reuters, Daily Mail, MSN etc.
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   Selected as ACS Editors' Choice (one paper per day from all ACS publications).
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   Selected as ACS Editors’ Choice (one paper per day from all ACS publications).
   Featured on Journal Cover.
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   Highlighted in Nature, Science, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time, Daily Mail, Yahoo!, The Times, Forbes, IEEE Spectrum, MIT Technology Review, Chemical & Engineering News, etc.
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   Featured on Journal Frontispiece.
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